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SHHHH!!! LISTEN UP CLASS, Time for Introductions:

Ian McKenzie
Ian began dancing at the age of 19. Even though he did not have prior experience in any style of dance, he knew he had a passion for music and movement, and in 2001 he joined a dance troupe called Phunk Phenomenon. Dedicated to learning the art, he went from dancer to lead choreographer within 2 years. During that time he choreographed for the Boston Celtics and Kiss 108 concerts, and also worked closely with recording artist Jordan Knight. He later became the assistant director for the company and played an instrumental role in starting "Lil Phunk" - the official kids dance troupe for the Boston Celtics. Since leaving the company to grow and train, he has performed in various concerts with 112 and Paula DeAnda. When he returned to Boston from a mini-tour he started his co-owned dance company WRUSH, a dance group with which he shares similar interests and styles. Ian's sole purpose is to grow as a dancer and give back to the community.

Marcus Aguirre : At age 13, Marcos E. Aguirre performed for the first time, in a talent show to Britney Spears - "Oops I Did It Again".  He was daring, and proved he was not afraid to take risks. Since then, he's taught at Movement City Youth Center and has been running his own dance crew by the name Urban X.  In 2006, he had the chance to perform at the Texas PowerJam Concert (Paul Wall, Nick Cannon) for an artist named Martii, giving him the opportunity to expand as a dancer and get into the scene.  In 2007, Marcos got to work with choreogrpahers such as Luam, Kelly Peters, and Tanisha Scott and had the chance to get to audition for "SYTYCD" and was signed to Bloc Agency NYC.  At the age of 21, Marcos got to lead in a music video for Epic recording artist Kat Delunas -  "Whine Up".  He plans on being a successful dancer, choreographer, and entertainer. He is now one half of the team who has created Wrush.

Ricky Flores :
 AKA Bboy Batboi, AKA Bboy Ricky Tan. Dancing since the song first started. Bboying is one of the most difficult, technical, and interesting dance styles to encounter. Ricky being the only Bboy, uses it as form of art, a way to express your emotions, and also an act of war. He trains, sweats, bruises, bleeds, scars, battles, wins and loses. Within the last year he decided to take on a new challenge; Hip-Hop dancing. With an hunger and eagerness to learn everything to perfection, this Bboy is on fire. "Music is my battle - Breaking is my weapon of choice."

Sarah : Born and raised in Boston, sarah has been trained in several styles of dance starting at an early age.  Launching herself into the dance scene, she consistently strengthens her jazz, contemporary, and hip hop skills.  In 2006, Sarah joined Unyted Styls Dance Co. directed by Ricardo Foster, but then found her place in WRUSH in 2008.  She is currently an undergraduate at Boston University and hopes to pursue dance as a career after graduation.

Gustavo : Gustavo has been dancing since the age of 13.  Without any formal training or experience, he knew dancing is what he loved to do.  In 2000, he joined a youth center called Movement City.  With dedication and determination, Gustavo branched out and started taking classes in the Boston area and honing his craft.  As one of the youngest in Wrush, he strives to succeed as a dancer and make every step into an opportunity to learn.
Kristen : Began dancing at the age of 4. Throughout high school she trained at the Rosita Lee Dance Center in New Hampshire. Kristen is classically trained in ballet, jazz, and lyrical. Winning first place in many dance competitions for Solos and Choreography, Kristen now dances at the Jeannette Neill Dance Studio and performs at their Boston shows. She has a love for music and dance, and hopes to make a career out of her passion.

Edwidge : aka B!ak started dancin at the age of 3 while her older brother Gil used to spin records in his little closet called the lab. From the moment she picked up a crayon Edwidge always knew she would be an artist and as she grew older her funky flare for fashion reafirmed what kind of artist she wanted to become.
At the age of 17, without moms support or consent, she auditioned for Urban X and made it. When she graduated from high school, she moved to Boston to attend Massachusetts College of Art & Design. She then taught Hip-Hop @ Movement City Youth Center, and from that class started her own group called Fresh Effect. Since then, she has obtained her BFA in Fashion Design. Although she moved to New York to pursue her dreams of being a Fashion Designer, she has remained a member of Wrush and dance will never leave her side because it has helped make her the committed, ambitious, driven, and unique individual she is today.

Juandi : As a toddler, Juandi's body was always moving to the music. He did not know why but, sitting in front of the television to imitate dance moves from music videos, was much more fun, than playing with toy soldiers. In his early teen years, he joined a local YWCA dance team. He stayed with that team for about 3 years,  then started training with Marcos Aguirre at a youth center.  For the past two years, it's been nothing but 'moving on up.'   He hopes of one day being a professional dancer, and sharing his love for dance with other great dancers on stage.

Jessenia : A 24 year old Puerto Rico native, Jessenia always had a passion for the entertainment industry from dancing, choreographing, fashion design, modeling, and event coordinating. With 10 years of experience in different styles such as tap, jazz, ballet, salsa, break dancing and hip hop. She has opened various events for artists such as Nas, Busta Rhymes, Fabulous, 50 Cent, The Roots. She has also been a featured dancer  in  videos for Sizzla,  Kleva Kid, Vybz Cartel, Carmen. There is always space to live, learn, and conquer dreams. I'm out in the real world living my life day by day and on the path to achieving my goals.

Kelly : Kelly began her dance training in ballet at the age of 2 and continued on to train in tap jazz, lyrical, and contemporary. At the age of 14 Kelly joined her high school hip hop team and later went on to choreograph and direct the team. Later, Kelly began seriously training in hip hop at a local studio and also began traveling around the country to learn from the top choreographers in the industry. Kelly will be attending St. John’s University in the fall and hopes to pursue her dance career while in New York City.

All photography by : John Fiore

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WRUSH Credits

September 11th, 2010: Collegefest MA
August 31st, 2010:
Sybarite LOVEisLOVE NY
May 8th, 2010:
Sirens After Dark. NY
May 3rd, 2010:
Sybarite LOVEisLOVE 4 Marj. NY
May 1st, 2010:
Prelude New England. MA
April 26th, 2010:
J&D Recital. MA
March 13th, 2010:
Best of the East Competition. CT
February 6th, 2010:
February 6th, 2010: Project K Hip Hop Showcase. MA
January 18th, 2010:
Sybarite Showcase "LOVEisLOVE"
October 31st, 2009: "Thriller" Halloween Party @ Roxy Nightclub. Boston
October 1st, 2009: "Euphoria" Fundraiser Showcase. MA
September 26th, 2009: Rhapsody's Sirens After Dark. NYC
September 13th, 2009: open act for Fabulous @ Centro Nighclub. MA
August 28th, 2009: Martha's Vineyard Fair
April 5, 2009: J&D Cheer and Dance Academy Spring Show. Reading High School, MA
April 2, 2009: Springfest featuring Super Cr3w. Northeastern University, MA
March 25, 2009: BET 106 & Park's Wild Out Wednesdays. NYC
March 6, 2009: Footwork. MIT, MA
February 28, 2009: THE MAIN EVENT Competition hosted by FR3SH Dance Company. Englewood, NJ
February 18, 2009: HSU Culture Show. Northeastern University, MA
February 7, 2009: Acceler8. Boston University, MA
February 7, 2009:
NECDC. Boston University, MA
January 31, 2009: Tru Sole High. Boston University, MA
November 8, 2008: Elements IX. Boston University, MA
September 2009:
Co-director Ian McKenzie goes on tour with Lady Gaga

August 2, 2008: Mixology. Union Square, MA
July 18, 2008: Sybarite. NYC
July 12, 2008: Uni Vision, Boston City Hall Plaza, MA
June 2008: El Mundo. Fenway Park, MA
May 2008: Boston Puerto Rican Festival